Search for your new home!
For the most accurate home search go to

the link is connected to our actual Multiple Listing Service.  It is updated as changes are made to the MLS.  Other third party sites on the internet do not contain all the active listings in Utah.  Many of the sites advertise homes that are no longer for sale.  Other sites only allow you to view homes that agents have paid to place on their site.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a home you really want to see only to find out that it really isn't for sale.

Searching for your new home?

Some questions to consider.....

  1. How much home can I afford?
  2. Do I have to sell my current home first before I can purchase?
  3. If I am renting, do I have options for getting out of my lease?
  4. Do I have pets? Do I have large animals? Yard size?
  5. Absolute must haves? How many bedrooms?
  6. If limited inventory am I willing to expand my location search?
  7. What is my time frame?  Did my lender say I am qualified and ready to start my search or do I have some items to take care of first?
  8. Earnest money: Do I have enough cash set aside for earnest money, inspections and appraisal cost (for example)
  9. Do I have some emergency cash set aside?  Once I qualify for a loan I will not be able to charge or open any lines of credit.  It will change my debt to income ratios and may results in no longer qualifying.